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The One About Regularity

It’s the little things in life that make me laugh. Because of that this entry shall be short and sweet.

Actor #1: You look awfully familiar 

Actor #2: Thank you?

(yes he answered Thank you as a question. I find myself doing the same thing when put in the same situation. I mean how do you properly answer/reply to that?)

Actor #1: Are you an actor?

Actor #2: Yes

Actor #1: Do you have a something running right now?

Actor #2: Yes, perhaps you saw my Fiber One Commercial?

Actor #1: Yes! That’s it!

Actor #2: Yeah its running pretty regularly 

(I gave a chuckle) 

Not sure if it was an intentional joke, a play on words, or Actor #2 didn’t realize he made a joke but I still found it funny.  

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