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The One About the Tanning Salon

I am poor. It’s a sad thing to realize but alas it’s the truth. I really shouldn’t complain. I do have a full time job with benefits, I have my own place, my own car, and I live in LA. However LA is an expensive town to live in and it will suck you dry. So dry where if you are me you have to look for a second job


I recently started my hunt for a new job and I have applied to anywhere and everywhere. I have reworked my resume so many times that it would make your head spin. My only problem is that I have to get a job for nights and weekends (which you would think wouldn’t be a problem but it has proven otherwise) because I still need to be the Office Peon during the week. 

Today I had the pleasure of getting an interview for a job…at a tanning salon. *sigh*  I apologize in advance if what I may say will in any way offend you my fellow reader.

I live in southern California, where the sun shines 90% of the year, why do I need to fake and bake when I could just go outside?!?!?!  I will never understand. However if its something you want to do that’s fine go ahead and do it. 

In my interview I of course met with the stereotypical girl who works at a tanning salon. Fake blonde hair, fake extensions, fake nails oh and we can’t forget the fake orange tan. *sigh* I did my best to fit in with her and make her feel as though we could be friends or at the very least co-workers. The interview went fine but there was one disturbing element that still haunts me. The starting pay for working at this tanning salon is higher then my hourly wage at my agency. 

I need to ask for a raise….

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